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Thursday, September 8, 2011

what i do when i have no interruption..

9:53pm- 9:57 jogging in place

am i too energetic? lol.
i think energy is a think to be wanted, is it not? ;)

60 jumping jacks 9:59pm

50 squats 10:01pm

10 modified pushups 10:03 pm

plank 50 seconds 10:04-05 pm

15 variating leg lifts (abs tensed) 10:06pm

20 butterfly crunches 10:08pm

5 side plank trimming taps (holy crap that's hard!) 10:16 pm

3 reps whittling walk (yeah ab and bicep burner!) 10:18 pm

i just did 25 minutes of work out without thinking about it.
that felt good

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