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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

never wore a bikini before.. maybe there's a reason HAHA

my take on bikini's?
you might as well wear panties and a bra to the beach. ;)

i got a free bikini the other day from a "Free garage sale" just because i've never worn one, and figured.. eh.. it's free.. why not, just to see.

yeah right ;)

from the front.. not half bad

from the back.. i look pretty decent! (i like my butt, lol)

from the side?!
THIS is why people who have a gut shouldn't wear them.
it doesn't look good. lol
honestly.. it's not HORRIBLE horrible.. but it's not what I want to show the world.
(even posting it on here really isn't that bad.. not a ton of people read this blog anyway, lol)

i'm going to stick with my tankini :) the tank top covers it all :)
good thing we can laugh at ourselves :) and if nothing else, i can use it for a bra and panties! :D

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