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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

it's a GOOD day

got up at 7:20 without an alarm, went downstairs, got a cup of coffee.. sat down with my laptop.. enjoyed being alone :)

It's an amazing feeling when there is quiet and peace in your home. You can just close your eyes and feel God's presence.. He is so amazing. His blessings are abundant. Such a great way to praise Him in every little aspect of your life.

Then while the kids were playing in their room, i got some sewing done before their breakfast! :D

And it's so beautiful outside.. God's creation is just amazing.

And i walked on my treadmill for 10 minutes.. sure that might not be much.. but even just that gives a feeling of accomplishment and really wakes up your body. :)

Looking forward to finishing some orders today to mail tomorrow before our vacation :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

couldn't think of a title ;)

going to start making it a priority to "work out" everyday.

whether i walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hr, do 15 min of yoga, 1 round of zumba, play follow the leader outside with the kids, dance to 4 silly songs..
i want to be more active. :)

since i've lost the pant size (in january with zumba), i've been more happy with myself. i've been eating mre veggies, more lean meats here and there.

odd thing is i've actually gained a couple pounds. LOL
that's what i'll call it.

when we got married, i was 135. (gained 5 lbs since high school)
when i first got pregnant, i was 145.
gained 45 with Jazmine from all the water weight (pregnancy induced hypertension PIH).
when i got pregnant with Alivia, Jaz was 6 mths old, i was 150.
i went down to 155 after that.

then i got pregnant with Zoe, had a hard time gaining weight (they prescribed me carnation instant breakfast to drink EVERY MORNING). i had no complaints :)
after her (she's 3), i'm between 155 and 160
159 at the moment (yes i weighed myself just to make sure HAHA).

I need to remeasure my BMI and body fat.

I am very happy with where I am. :)
Now let's see about being more active.! :D

Today after dinner (which i should be making now).. i think we'll play simon says in the living room :D simon says DO JUMPING JACKS!

Go! Do it! Now! :D

my daughters bedtime problem

ok.. well.. first of all, she was HORRIBLE to potty train.. and i didn't know at the time that she had the same problem i did when i was little.

so, wednesday we (me and her) went to the dr and had a good talk with him.

what she has is Nocturnal Enuresis.

it's pretty much an immature bladder.. the same thing i had when i was little. so until it's mature enough to function properly on it's own, she will be peeing at night.. a little or a lot, that will differ.

they can't give medication until she's at least 6 years old, and even then, there's only 20% chance it will work

so yes, she will have to pee everything out before bed, she can only have up to 2oz of water at 7 pm. and i get her up to potty when i go to bed, too.

but with the rate of success for the medicine, it might not work anyway.

if she gets to 8 years old still wetting at night, then i'll try the medicine

brian asked me last night if i would consider disposable pullups for her for night time.. i cringed at the thought.

they don't work much better for her than cloth.. she's just a heavy wetter and a heavy sleeper.

we'll see.

Friday, August 26, 2011

yes, i scream at my kids.. and i spank too.

Does the title of this shock you?

If my kids don't listen to me and i've tried every "trick" i can think of, and my husband isn't around to set them straight.. yes I get angry enough to scream at them.
I think i probably scream at my oldest the most often.. cause she is just a HUGE handful for me.. half the time i don't know what to do with her.. and she is rebellious..
.. well, as much as a 5 year old can be. (though she does have a VERY SWEET heart, and a compassionate soul).

Zoe is 2.5 and she doesn't seem to want to listen either, unless i make it into a game.
Which, of course, i can't do all the time.

And Alivia will make a big mess playing with all of her toys, then almost refuse to clean it up.

So yes.. I get very angry sometimes.. and I can scream quite loud.


my form of punishment?
depends on the offense, and the severity of it. but yes.. if needed, i will get out the paddle.

my husband can tell them to go in the corner, or give them a time out.
if i do that, it's slothish movement, goofing around, "but mommmm!"

so yeah.. for me.. the paddle works best.

and there is NOTHING wrong with using the paddle. i was paddled as a child.. I was not afraid of my parents.. but i sure as heck respected them. that's what it's about. it's not about abuse, or hurting them in any way.. it's about making them realize "hey! i better straighten up!"

i do not use my hand unless i am nowhere near the paddle.. i use a pingpong paddle. a little bit of cushion, so i'm not whipping their bare butts with raw wood.

sometimes i have to do it a couple times. YES i will smack my child on their bare butt more than once!
I live in a Christian home, i'm not a psycho, and i am not an abuser.

I simply have my own house rules. I am an adult, after all. ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

withdrawal? or just changing lanes?

i'm going through fabric withdrawal
i haven't made any real "good" purchases in a little while now
i got the flower fleece from the remnants.. but i was in there to get the JD
so i only got two things
i was "being good"
it feels weird to not have fluff mail
so i've resorted to buying supplies.. and some earrings on sale from other WAHMS
and a new pair of sandals

i'm just so used to puting all my extra money into buying fabric, cause up til now.. i was still building my "store" ya know?
now that everything is pretty much the way i like it, and the way it needs to be.. i'm bringing in EXTRA money :D
that feels good :D
but at the same time i don't know what to do with the extra money

how to measure..

just a little fun with me :)

and figuring out how to measure yourself so you can kind of follow how you're body is changing when you eat different, or are more active

my body really isn't much different than it used to be. sure 10 years ago, i was a senior in high school, cheerleader.. so i was 20 lbs lighter than i am now.. but my body shape itself has changed, not just weight gain. i used to be a small hourglass, now i'm more of a pear.

waist- 30.5"
hips- 36.5"
thigh- 22"

work out videos

YAY i have a treadmill :)

zumba #1

zumba #2

it's a.. new day!

it's always a good thing to wake up and, after a few days of feeling tired and pooey, having a fresh take on "life". :)

i feel energy.. i feel like taking the kids outside for lunch.. i feel like really making some progress.. but i'm not doing any more until i open my Bible :)

God is so good!
NEVER have a day without Him. believe me.. after these last couple days of being in a "stupor".. it feels so refreshing to sit down with my coffee and read His word.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a great weekend for family

friday night i worked at kohls

sat we had some fun with the kids in the morning (aka.. they baraged our bed.. and we were giggling for a bit) lol.
brian went and got three of his cousins (guys) and as soon as he got home, all us girls piled in the car and headed toward my moms house :). dropped off the recycling, stopped at a friends garage sale (got 2 shirts, a swimsuit, a book, a play kitchen, a play car port, and a dinosaur flashlight for $7.50) then headed to my moms house. :) played outside for a bit, fed the dogs, picked flowers, had dinner, watched a movie, gave them baths. when we got home, Brian put them to bed.. they were out like a light. lol :)

this morning we had a great message at church, then went straight to brian's aunts house to drop off the guys.
came home.. chilled.. napped.. played.. rearranged the kids room/toys a bit..

zoe went on the potty by herself! :D i got her undressed to change for bed.. she wanted to go potty.. so little naked tooshie waddled to the potty lol. :) she sat on it while i was helping livy get some jammies.. when i came back in the bathroom, jazmine said zoe had just peed! i checked her and sure enough, she had!

she was "whimpering" like she was upset and i handed her a piece of toilet paper and she got to wipe herself, i was giggling and clapping like an idiot.. and i kept kissing her and saying "yay!" she finally was smiling and i was like "you get a sticker!" so when she said goodnight to daddy, he helped her put a sticker on her potty paper. :) i'm so geeked! it's been 2 weeks now since we started.. and this is only her 3rd sticker. i'm so excited. :)

well.. i gotta get to bed.. i'm tired.. it's after 12.. and i have to get up at 7 to go back to kohls. later ladies. :)

looking forward to walking on my treadmill sometime tomorrow! :D