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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

keep on keepin on..

well so far.. i've done pretty good.. i'm keeping track of my calorie intake and exercise on's virtual trainer. and i have a health expert friend of mine egging me on.

it's been about a week now.. and i've only really "missed" one day.
it's just hard for me to keep going.. i get frustrated when i dont start seeing results.
this is me to start....

i actually do have some nice abs.. under this "Stuff"

Monday, September 13, 2010

uhoh. a new start

ok yeah.. i know. i'm sorry.. it's been too long :P

well.. i'm finally doing it!
i'm getting back into working out and i'm going to try MY BEST to keep with it!

yesterday was the first day.. sept 12, 2010.. going to see what happens by Christmas! :D

my starting stats:
weight 156
waist 30 inches
hips 38 inches
thigh 23.5 inches

i have been eating better lately too.. so hoping that will make a difference.
my new fav go to snack.. Pita Chips and Hummus :D
thanks to my sis in law!

yesterday i did yoga, pilates, and 10 minutes playing with my kids like rough-housing and tickling.

today i did ballet, yoga.. crunches, jumping jacks and pushups.

keep me accountable please!! i can't do this on my own.

i have my friend Rae-ann helping me.. she's the one who jumpstarted this. :)
i am not good at this without motivation.
i wanna lose my baby jiggle.

help me ladies! email me every day and make sure i do my half hour!! or
PLEASE help me stay motivated