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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my goodness.. what is wrong with me?

  • why can't our bodies just naturally take care of itself?
    • why can't i just eat like adam and eve did.. strictly fruits and veggies.. all organic

      • it's actually a tad upsetting sometimes.. cause i don't know what a tomato is calorie wise, a banana, 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella.. ya know?
      • i can eat a whole yellow squash, fried in oil, with a chili dog on the side.. and then not eat again for 6 hours.
      • and i don't have a clue how much sugar/fat, etc i just ate

        • ya know?
        • it's aggravating
        • and that's only when i'm super hungry though

      ok.. this rarely happens.. but i actually feel like crying
      • i dont cry about myself very often
      • lol
      • *sigh
        • i'm generally a very happy, healthy person
        • i've never been a vain person.. so this feels very weird to me
        • and it kinda' feels wrong to feel this way
        • because i know i'm supposed to accept myself the way i am
        • and i do.. for the most part
        • man.. babies really do a lot to ya.. physically
        • and emotionally

well.. it's good to know i'm on the right track "diet" wise. i'm not ON a diet.. just changing the way I eat, and TRYING to be more physically active. now i just have to figure out how to balance out my calories, so i'm not under eating OR overeating. 
my goodness.. it was never this way in high school ;) lol. i'm definitely not a child anymore.

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  1. Our bodies do take care of themselves naturally if we take care of them :) And eating like Adam and Eve is much more realistic if we live in Hawaii. Check out that green smoothie girl link I sent you. Though she advocates a vegetarian diet. My family strives to eat the way that she teaches, it works for us. You have to find what works for you, but most important, LOVE YOUR BODY! I know, easier said that done, but I have found in all my journeying through this, that if I want it to work for me, I gotta love me.