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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


now i know why people still work out after already being in shape.

it's been prob 1.5 weeks since i last zumba'd and i can feel like some of the jiggle is coming back.
so yeah..

my weight has been fluctuating the usual 5 lbs.. sucks cause sometimes i'll weigh 153 and be like YAY! then i'll weight like 157.5 and i'll be like DANG IT!

but yeah.. measurements?
waist- 30" (same)
hips- 37" (same)
thighs- 21" (another half inch off) :D

so even though i haven't really done anything.. because i've already got a good start, and i'm keeping busy.. my legs are definitely getting a work out. :) (prob doesn't help that i recently binged on chocolate) HAHAHA

HEY i'm allowed (looks around) right?
progress pics

still workin on that midsection.. but i'm bound to poofy at some time every month ;) lol
hmm.. maybe if i tense my abs and take another pic? would it look better? :D

yup.. i am a big dork :D oh well.. see you again! hopefully sooner than this last gap in blog postings! *oops