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Thursday, September 8, 2011


it was a good day :)

it started out bad. i had a HORRIBLE headache.. and i HAD to wake up early to get Jazmine on her bus at 8.
it took a few hours, but i finally got into sewing, etc, at 1:30 pm.
i finished up three customs, ready to ship.
and i got the precut fitteds for stock.. soakers sewn in, and edges serged. :) (this is including 1/2 hour of messing with a stupid serger thread that broke). by 5 pm, the kids were home, dinner time, etc.. i had all this done. :)

tomorrow i'm going to finish up these fitteds for stock, and cut out a few things.
AND if my oldest daughter is good during the day, she gets to come with me to shop for black fleece, 5t undershirts, and a "lunch box" for her snacks.

well.. workout stats
i'm still trying to get in ACTIVITY more than usual (hahahha).. notice the word.. trying.
i think i can label myself SLACKER!

i'm at:
21" thigh
37" hips
31" waist

so i went down 1" in my thighs, and up 1/2" each in my hips and waist. (oops?!)

so ALL IN ALL- since the start of this
i've lost 2.5" in my thighs, kept the same with my waist and lost 1" in my hips.

for some reason i've gone from 156 lbs to 160 lbs
i JUST weighed myself (stupid mistake.. NEVER weigh yourself at night after just eating/drinking) and i'm 163. YIPES!

but i've also been eating better and toning up.. so i'm wondering if the inches lost are being compensated with new lean muscle? (ie. the weight)

lost 2.5 inches AND A PANT SIZE i'm happy :D

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  1. Great job with the weight... err, inches loss!! That is awesome progress!! Glad your day ended up better than it started! :)