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Thursday, June 30, 2011

oi oi oi

what a morning so far..

i woke up just fine.. pretty tired still.. but hey.. *shrugs
had some coffee
fried up some hashbrowns with onion.. shared one of my hubby's egg and burger burritos..

got an email from Checks Unlimited saying they needed more info for our order, so we figured out how to scan in a check, and email it to them.
apparently they aren't allowed to open attachments.. so i called them instead.. got it figured out.. yay.. new checks are on the way :)

then my brain decided to go into overload.. all the stuff i have to get done.. and not having enough time to do it all.. ya know.. i got snappy and emotional.. ugh.. i hate feeling that way

so FINALLY i made a list of things i have to do.. knocked out a couple of them (put away the diapers, change jazmine's bed, pick up their room)

i'm going to HAVE to get rid of some of their toys.. whether they like it or not they have WAY too much stuff in their room.
they WILL be upset with me.. i guarantee it.. but i won't take away the things they love the most.. and these will go to the consignment store for other kids who don't have toys ;) my girls usually love to help as long as they know it's going to help another child :) which i think is SOO sweet..

so today.. i'm going to sew until Stephanie comes (50 minutes or so).. then lunch.. then hoping to sew some more until the babysitter comes to take zoe..

me, daddy, jazmine and alivia are going on a date :) going to see Cars 2 and mcd's :) and i'm buying :) i feel excited about that :) YAY! :)

makes me feel good when i can pay for little things :)
the bills are paid and i have extra cash.. thank you God for making all this possible!

cause without Him? i'm SURE my life would be a chaotic mess..
He's amazing

Friday, June 24, 2011

humph.. the weather, etc

well the last two days have been busy with our ever changing errands/schedules/weather.. so i haven't been able to go on my walk.. today i decided i was going to Zumba instead.

my two older girls, Jazmine and Alivia did it with me ;) lol. it was too funny trying to watch them while i was trying to not STEP on them, while i'm trying to concentrate AHAHA. but it was fun. :)

gotta keep trying to be more active! :)

oh.. and i have ICE WATER right now, instead of ice tea, or coffee (both of which would go right through me). need to make sure i always have a glass of water handy.. cause i get thirsty a lot..


on the business side of things.. i'm doing my elastic different in my diapers now! i'm encasing it, instead of stitching it down! so much easier.. and i LOVE it. :D

it feels nice to kind of "streamline" my store..

i am loving having my business finally REALLY coming together
i love my labeling system
i am loving the new elastic casing
i've gotten rid of a couple things over the past few months, and really am creating a "store"
i like it a lot

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day 2 :)

walked 2 miles in roughly 40 minutes (38 i think), came home stretched, did the splits :) now i have a fried chicken sandwich, baked lays and ice tea :) mmm... i feel good
now i'm going go get my snap and cut on ;) see what i can prep to sew tomorrow. i have a LOT of sewing to do. after these customs are finished, i still have lots to stock AND lots to get ready for the craft show.

Monday, June 20, 2011

taking a different angle..

well.. i lost a pant size in a mth with zumba.. and now i'm not doing it very often..

and today just looked SO perfect outside for a walk.. so as soon as my husband was home from the studio (videographer), i put on some "exercise clothes" and went out for a walk . :) i jogged some of it, but mostly just speed walked.. it felt SO good. i haven't done that in like 6 years. literally. since we moved out of our first apartment.. which was just before i got preg with jaz.. so 6 years ago.

it took me roughly 20 minutes to walk/jog just over a mile.
is that good? lol

my weight right now 158
30" waist
37.5"" hips

i'm loving being outside by myself :) it reminded me of when i ran track.. ahh.. fresh air.. :)
i will definitely be doing that again!