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Monday, September 26, 2011

sounds much better!

well i was just informed by a good friend that the diet i chose, and the results i'm hoping for.. are not properly matched. i'm not going to completely scrap the diet.. i'm going to go with the general idea of it.. and ad to it.
i'm getting a headache.. which is not fun.
and i need to change my workout regime.. instead of just doing a 20 minute zumba, or 15 min on the treadmill.. i'll be adding jumping jacks and crunches :D
THANK YOU Kathleen Podgorniak McMahon for your advice!
BANANA time! :D

Day 2

i feel..

not "hungry".. just lacking.

i'm not weak.. just want to eat.

and i want sugar in my coffee! lol

i'm looking forward to wednesday morning.. when i can make scrambled eggs with sausage and hash browns.. and NORMAL coffee :)

i want to eat more.
i want chips and dip, i want sugar in my coffee, i want a banana with cream cheese
"i want a pony, so i can ride it twice and sell it to make glue" lol (from The Grinch)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

my 3 day crash diet :)

i'm about to embark on this "mini" journey.

i've been working on toning my mucles, strengthening, stretching.. but the one thing that hasn't happened is losing what's on TOP of it.

I spoke with a friend of mine, Monique Doyle, about this (girl talk, lol) and she recommended this 3 day crash diet to me. :)

i went shopping for the groceries today, and i'm starting tomorrow morning :)

here is the menu, in case you either want to follow along or try it yourself!

she lost 30 lbs over all, and she did it for 4 weeks.


Super diet must be followed exactly. Lose 10 lbs in three days!

First Day:

Breakfast- ½ grapefruit

one slice toast

2 tbsp. Peanut butter

coffee or tea

Lunch- ½ cup tuna

one slice toast

coffee or tea

Dinner- two slices any type of meat (about 3oz)

one cup string beans

½ cup beets

one small apple

½ cup vanilla ice cream

Day Two:

Breakfast- one egg

one slice toast

½ banana

coffee or tea

Lunch- ½ cup cottage cheese

five saltine crackers

coffee or tea

Dinner- two hot dogs

1 cup broccoli

½ cup carrots

½ banana

½ cup vanilla ice cream

Third Day:

Breakfast- five saltine crackers

one slice cheddar cheese

one small apple

coffee or tea

Lunch- one hard boiled egg

one slice toast

coffee or tea

Dinner- ½ cup tuna

½ cup beets

one cup cauliflower

½ cantaloupe

1/ cup vanilla ice cream

Diet works on chemical breakdown and is proven. Do Not vary or substitute any of the above foods; salt and pepper may be used; but no other seasonings. Where no quantity is given, there are no restrictions other than common sense. This diet is to be used three days at a time.

In three days you will have lost 10 lbs. After three days of dieting you can eat your normal food, but do not over do it. After four days of normal eating, start back on your three-day diet. You can lose up to 40 lbs in a months time if you stick to this diet. It is a safe diet.

Remember, DO NOT “pick” in between meals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

feeling kind of awkward

you know.. now.. looking at those pics of me in a bikini is way better than i thought i would look.

it's kind of intimidating actually having my body change for the better (especially after having kids).
it's really emotional.. i'm actually in tears right now.. because.. i don't know.
it just feels awkward not being a size 12.

i changed out of these size 12 pants earlier cause they were too baggy on me.
and ironically put on another pair of size 12's.
these fit my legs really well, but the waist is just not comfortable.. it's not "baggy", just loose. and i have to wear a belt. even WITH a belt, i keep having to pull them up.

but the thing is, realistically, i can't afford to loose the weight i want to.. cause i can't afford new clothes.
sad.. i know.

i would feel really awkward putting on a pair of size 8/10 pants.. and having them fit perfect.
the odd thing about that is.. back in february, when i lost a pant size (down to an 8/10 from a 12), i was so excited about it.
now.. it's almost like.. well.. i'm not dreading it..

it just feels.. awkward.. and i think the reality of it is just now hitting me.. that my goal to be more active and eat better.. IS actually effecting my body the way I was HOPING it would. I guess I just never thought it would really happen.. because i've been let down by these kind of things before.

well.. Cami.. get used to it.. looks like you're on the road to "hottie with a body"ness!
it may take a while for me emotionally to really grab onto this concept.. but my reality now is.. i'm getting thinner. IM GETTING THINNER!

never wore a bikini before.. maybe there's a reason HAHA

my take on bikini's?
you might as well wear panties and a bra to the beach. ;)

i got a free bikini the other day from a "Free garage sale" just because i've never worn one, and figured.. eh.. it's free.. why not, just to see.

yeah right ;)

from the front.. not half bad

from the back.. i look pretty decent! (i like my butt, lol)

from the side?!
THIS is why people who have a gut shouldn't wear them.
it doesn't look good. lol
honestly.. it's not HORRIBLE horrible.. but it's not what I want to show the world.
(even posting it on here really isn't that bad.. not a ton of people read this blog anyway, lol)

i'm going to stick with my tankini :) the tank top covers it all :)
good thing we can laugh at ourselves :) and if nothing else, i can use it for a bra and panties! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my goodness.. what is wrong with me?

  • why can't our bodies just naturally take care of itself?
    • why can't i just eat like adam and eve did.. strictly fruits and veggies.. all organic

      • it's actually a tad upsetting sometimes.. cause i don't know what a tomato is calorie wise, a banana, 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella.. ya know?
      • i can eat a whole yellow squash, fried in oil, with a chili dog on the side.. and then not eat again for 6 hours.
      • and i don't have a clue how much sugar/fat, etc i just ate

        • ya know?
        • it's aggravating
        • and that's only when i'm super hungry though

      ok.. this rarely happens.. but i actually feel like crying
      • i dont cry about myself very often
      • lol
      • *sigh
        • i'm generally a very happy, healthy person
        • i've never been a vain person.. so this feels very weird to me
        • and it kinda' feels wrong to feel this way
        • because i know i'm supposed to accept myself the way i am
        • and i do.. for the most part
        • man.. babies really do a lot to ya.. physically
        • and emotionally

well.. it's good to know i'm on the right track "diet" wise. i'm not ON a diet.. just changing the way I eat, and TRYING to be more physically active. now i just have to figure out how to balance out my calories, so i'm not under eating OR overeating. 
my goodness.. it was never this way in high school ;) lol. i'm definitely not a child anymore.

Friday, September 9, 2011


well, i'm sore from yesterday lol

i am actually sore on the SIDES of my abs. i dont think i've ever been sore in those spots! :D

i'm PRETTY SURE i just burnt off those 4 brownies ;)
HEY! they were Fiber One brownies! :)

just did some more running in place, crunches, squats, stretching, pushups, plank.. so a little something for my muscles to use ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what i do when i have no interruption..

9:53pm- 9:57 jogging in place

am i too energetic? lol.
i think energy is a think to be wanted, is it not? ;)

60 jumping jacks 9:59pm

50 squats 10:01pm

10 modified pushups 10:03 pm

plank 50 seconds 10:04-05 pm

15 variating leg lifts (abs tensed) 10:06pm

20 butterfly crunches 10:08pm

5 side plank trimming taps (holy crap that's hard!) 10:16 pm

3 reps whittling walk (yeah ab and bicep burner!) 10:18 pm

i just did 25 minutes of work out without thinking about it.
that felt good


it was a good day :)

it started out bad. i had a HORRIBLE headache.. and i HAD to wake up early to get Jazmine on her bus at 8.
it took a few hours, but i finally got into sewing, etc, at 1:30 pm.
i finished up three customs, ready to ship.
and i got the precut fitteds for stock.. soakers sewn in, and edges serged. :) (this is including 1/2 hour of messing with a stupid serger thread that broke). by 5 pm, the kids were home, dinner time, etc.. i had all this done. :)

tomorrow i'm going to finish up these fitteds for stock, and cut out a few things.
AND if my oldest daughter is good during the day, she gets to come with me to shop for black fleece, 5t undershirts, and a "lunch box" for her snacks.

well.. workout stats
i'm still trying to get in ACTIVITY more than usual (hahahha).. notice the word.. trying.
i think i can label myself SLACKER!

i'm at:
21" thigh
37" hips
31" waist

so i went down 1" in my thighs, and up 1/2" each in my hips and waist. (oops?!)

so ALL IN ALL- since the start of this
i've lost 2.5" in my thighs, kept the same with my waist and lost 1" in my hips.

for some reason i've gone from 156 lbs to 160 lbs
i JUST weighed myself (stupid mistake.. NEVER weigh yourself at night after just eating/drinking) and i'm 163. YIPES!

but i've also been eating better and toning up.. so i'm wondering if the inches lost are being compensated with new lean muscle? (ie. the weight)

lost 2.5 inches AND A PANT SIZE i'm happy :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my swimsuit :)

I haven't worn this suit since last year because I didn't think i looked good in it.

Well, since then, i've lost a couple inches. Had my husband take new photos of me in it today :) He was like "why didn't you wear THAT suit on vacation?!" lol. :)

It does look much better now!

*forgive the odd expression on my face.. not sure what that's about HAHA*

wanna know the funny thing about this suit?
the bottom is an XL, the top is a M! lol

i didn't think i was THAT pear shaped?! oh well.. if it fits, and looks good.. i'm game!

Monday, September 5, 2011

hmmm... i like this

this pic was taken friday while we were at Cedar Point with the two older kids.

my belly actually looks flatter than i thought it was.
and oddly enough, i'm getting more male interest lately too. lol.

older gentlemen are flirting with me at work HAHAHA
and the college guys (i live in a college town- 2 colleges) are giving me looks

gives me something to think about ;)

now if i could just be a little more active, i'm sure i could think of myself that way, too

Sunday, September 4, 2011

my little sweetie

well, today Zoe is going back in diapers.

she's been in pullups for 2 months now.. and hasn't really done anything.

she was showing some signs of being ready.. but it's just not that time yet.

Jazmine was inSANEley HORRIBLE to train.
Alivia trained herself within 2 months of turning 3.

And Zoe doesn't turn 3 until Dec 12.

I'm sure, in due time, she'll get it. :)

i'm completely fine keeping her in fluff for a bit longer. this is the last time i get to use them..