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Thursday, July 28, 2011

YAY! peepee time :D

we've been potty training since monday.
tuesday she pooped in her trainer, and when i went and dumped it in the toilet and sat her on it, she pooped more in the potty! :D she got a big sticker on her page :D

and today when she woke up from her nap (she doesn't really "take a nap", but sometimes she crashes) she was dry (i had a piddle pad on her bed, just in case).. so i took her to the potty and she peed! so she got a little sticker on her page :D

she likes to tell me she wants to go to the potty like all the time. lol. she's becoming very independant, she'll turn the light on herself, put up the toilet lid, get the stool, sometimes she'll even pull down her own pullup, though she still says "help peese" to pull it up. :)

YAY! this child is super easy so far!
i'm using a couple of the pullups that i made for livy to use when she trained, and about 6 that i made for when i knew zoe would be ready. the two from livy are a tad big on her, so we do get pee down the leg, if she pees too much in those two. *oops.
but for the most part.. YAY!

she'll be done before i know it! *sniff.
very emotional at times.. my last little baby is almost out of diapers (she IS out of diapers during the DAY!). wow.

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