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Sunday, August 7, 2011

a great weekend for family

friday night i worked at kohls

sat we had some fun with the kids in the morning (aka.. they baraged our bed.. and we were giggling for a bit) lol.
brian went and got three of his cousins (guys) and as soon as he got home, all us girls piled in the car and headed toward my moms house :). dropped off the recycling, stopped at a friends garage sale (got 2 shirts, a swimsuit, a book, a play kitchen, a play car port, and a dinosaur flashlight for $7.50) then headed to my moms house. :) played outside for a bit, fed the dogs, picked flowers, had dinner, watched a movie, gave them baths. when we got home, Brian put them to bed.. they were out like a light. lol :)

this morning we had a great message at church, then went straight to brian's aunts house to drop off the guys.
came home.. chilled.. napped.. played.. rearranged the kids room/toys a bit..

zoe went on the potty by herself! :D i got her undressed to change for bed.. she wanted to go potty.. so little naked tooshie waddled to the potty lol. :) she sat on it while i was helping livy get some jammies.. when i came back in the bathroom, jazmine said zoe had just peed! i checked her and sure enough, she had!

she was "whimpering" like she was upset and i handed her a piece of toilet paper and she got to wipe herself, i was giggling and clapping like an idiot.. and i kept kissing her and saying "yay!" she finally was smiling and i was like "you get a sticker!" so when she said goodnight to daddy, he helped her put a sticker on her potty paper. :) i'm so geeked! it's been 2 weeks now since we started.. and this is only her 3rd sticker. i'm so excited. :)

well.. i gotta get to bed.. i'm tired.. it's after 12.. and i have to get up at 7 to go back to kohls. later ladies. :)

looking forward to walking on my treadmill sometime tomorrow! :D

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