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Thursday, July 14, 2011

skinny- i think not

why does everyone feel a need to be skinny? can't you just be happy with being healthy?!
i admit, i sometimes wish i could get rid of jiggle.. but that's just leftover baby junk.
i'll stick with my size 8, thank you. if i happen to lose fat or weight, it's be pure coincidence.. i will not push myself to be something i'm not meant to be.
my BMI is 24.3.. i weight 160 lbs.. i'm healthy.


  1. You go girl! I am currently working on getting to a healthy size... the 60 lbs I gained with my son were a bit much. And now he is 2. Lol.

  2. yeah my youngest is almost 3 lol
    and i'm 5'8.. so.. my weight and height are fine

  3. =) i had a baby and am not as skinny as before either! you go! i think you look great!

  4. :D You look great! And you are brave for showing off your tummy. Mine is too gross.

  5. Before I had kids (6) I was a juniors size 5 now I am lucky to fit a 13. I love my jiggle because evey ounce on the sacale is a baby's kick and every strech mark reminds me that a sweet baby grew there so I too had to grow! :D