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Thursday, July 28, 2011

finally some decent weather

for the past two days, it's been pretty decent outside..

so Tuesday we went out in the patio, got the kids pool out, sprayed a bunch of water around.. had some good fun. :)

and then yesterday we went to the fair.. good week for it!
saw almost all the animals, walked around, bought a sugar covered pretzel, had ice cream, let the kids on 1 ride (taking jaz and livy to cedar point in a mth)

today is just kinda' off/relaxing.. not doing much. not cause i dont want to.. i want to get into my sewing room and work on stuff.. but it's all "clean" right now.. very "businessy" cause we're shooting a commercial. i'm not allowed to "mess it up" yet :) lol. you guys wanna see a pic of it so "clean" and "empty"?

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