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Friday, July 22, 2011

baby junk

my stomach is squishy

there's prob a good 2 inches of yuck just stuck to my muscle under this floppy skin
why must baby junk haunt me?

even standing up, i can grab a handful on each side.

will it every go away? *sigh

*-'^~ wishful thinking ~*`-+*

you know.. it would prob help if i worked out more than 1 a week.
i've been slacking REAL bad.
i'm just glad i got rid of my bigger pants when i lost the pant size in january. i have nothing bigger to fit into. i HAVE to wear my 8's. and i DONT like muffin top.

i think my main battle with it is the fact that i used to be a cheerleader.
i had strong arms, long lean legs, and a 6 pack abs.

and now.. *sigh

i KNOW it comes with living.. i've been married for a while.. i've got 3 kids.. sometime i should just tell my brain to shut up. lol.

yeah right..
it doesn't help that yesterday my husband told me i looked like i was a couple mths pregnant. i was just wearing a summer dress.

i feel like burning the dress and crying on it. :(
he didn't mean anything by it.. but it hurt
he knows i try


  1. Let's do something together Cami, like walk, or something. I need to get rid of my flab also. I have more that I need to get rid of. Good for you for posting your belly on the world wide web!!! I couldn't show my tummy... Too yucky! I know how you feel about the comments... Some people don't think about how it might feel.

  2. Cami, you are beautiful!!! No one (besides your husband) will see that left over baby tummy! Those stretchmarks are BEAUTIFUL! they are reminders of a very important and special time in your life! I too have STRUGGLED with mine, they go from above my belly button to below my pubic line, they are gross to most people, but it has taken me 2 years to come to terms with them and know they are beautiful, they define me in a way that some women dream of, I am thankful to have been blessed with the ability to have children. Keep your chin up, you look GREAT!!! Your body has housed 3 beautiful little girls!!!

  3. should see my stomach. Your brave for posting pictures on here like that! hehehe. I wouldn't. lol. Mine is worse....and really, I would be like 5 sizes smaller if it wasn't for the access SKIN ( mine is stretched skin mostly) and fat.....If I tense my stomach muscles....they are there, just under the skin and fat! Ugh....seems like it will never go away! I loose weight, and the skin gets saggy-er and worse looking.....wishing you the best trying to get rid of yours! When you do, let me in on the secret! :)