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Saturday, July 9, 2011


it's one of those days where you think everyone else looks awesome, and you look blah.

i need a pick me up.. like.. a homemade chocolate shake. mmmmm

we went out to the lake with some friends last night.. and she looks freakin awesome in a two piece (Zonya from Zonya Healthy International) and even though she said i looked great.. i didn't feel like it.

one of my other friends has the same age children as my two youngest.. and she looks awesome too.

i KNOW i need to remember that I AM HEALTHY FOR ME. and that EVERY body is different.

but for today.. i'll just try and make myself feel good about me.
hug me, Brian. I need it.


  1. :( You are not alone!! Keep your chin up and know that everyone feels self conscious about their body... even those scrawny little models! It's human nature. Just do what makes you feel good and know that you are doing the best for YOU, not anyone else b/c let's face it, the only reason you feel self conscious is b/c you are afraid of what others are thinking about you, right? You are beautiful!!

  2. thank you babe. yeah, i've always been self concious about my body. back i high school, i was a cheerleader, so back then i looked really good.. and was uncomfortable with people looking at me. and i still feel that way. just cause i think they can see all the flaws. ya know?

  3. I don't know how old you are, but I am 36 and had my 7th child 6 months ago, I'd LOVE my body after having a 3rd child back. I guarantee you'll be wanting this body you have here back someday to. I think you look great. But I do know wanting to be healthy and in shape. I realize things won't look like they used to on me, but I still want to be strong and healthy, because like you said, that is what is important :)

  4. i'm 28, i'll be 29 this year :) we are done having kids (3 is good enough for us, lol) yeah, it's definitely important to make sure you're strong and healthy.. that IS the important thing. :)