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Friday, August 26, 2011

yes, i scream at my kids.. and i spank too.

Does the title of this shock you?

If my kids don't listen to me and i've tried every "trick" i can think of, and my husband isn't around to set them straight.. yes I get angry enough to scream at them.
I think i probably scream at my oldest the most often.. cause she is just a HUGE handful for me.. half the time i don't know what to do with her.. and she is rebellious..
.. well, as much as a 5 year old can be. (though she does have a VERY SWEET heart, and a compassionate soul).

Zoe is 2.5 and she doesn't seem to want to listen either, unless i make it into a game.
Which, of course, i can't do all the time.

And Alivia will make a big mess playing with all of her toys, then almost refuse to clean it up.

So yes.. I get very angry sometimes.. and I can scream quite loud.


my form of punishment?
depends on the offense, and the severity of it. but yes.. if needed, i will get out the paddle.

my husband can tell them to go in the corner, or give them a time out.
if i do that, it's slothish movement, goofing around, "but mommmm!"

so yeah.. for me.. the paddle works best.

and there is NOTHING wrong with using the paddle. i was paddled as a child.. I was not afraid of my parents.. but i sure as heck respected them. that's what it's about. it's not about abuse, or hurting them in any way.. it's about making them realize "hey! i better straighten up!"

i do not use my hand unless i am nowhere near the paddle.. i use a pingpong paddle. a little bit of cushion, so i'm not whipping their bare butts with raw wood.

sometimes i have to do it a couple times. YES i will smack my child on their bare butt more than once!
I live in a Christian home, i'm not a psycho, and i am not an abuser.

I simply have my own house rules. I am an adult, after all. ;)


  1. I agree with most of this, except the paddle. I feel that with a paddle you can't know how hard you are hitting, and thus, you should use your hand because you know exactly how hard you're spanking and can know where to draw the line.

  2. i think the paddle is better for 1 main reason.. it teaches your child to associate punishment and discipline with an object.. not with a person. they see the paddle, they know what it's for. they see my hand, they see a part of their mommy.

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  6. Cami - I agree and your girls remind me so much of my kids :) I use a spatula. it seems to work for me. I dont use it often but, sometimes its just what we need to do. They realize that I mean business. My husband also can do simpler punishments and they listen. I applaud you for setting your own house rules :) I think more families need to set their OWN house rules and stop letting the "world" dictate what/how we handle our own children. YES there are ppl that DO abuse but, they are extreme cases and not every person is that way.