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Saturday, August 27, 2011

couldn't think of a title ;)

going to start making it a priority to "work out" everyday.

whether i walk on the treadmill for 1/2 hr, do 15 min of yoga, 1 round of zumba, play follow the leader outside with the kids, dance to 4 silly songs..
i want to be more active. :)

since i've lost the pant size (in january with zumba), i've been more happy with myself. i've been eating mre veggies, more lean meats here and there.

odd thing is i've actually gained a couple pounds. LOL
that's what i'll call it.

when we got married, i was 135. (gained 5 lbs since high school)
when i first got pregnant, i was 145.
gained 45 with Jazmine from all the water weight (pregnancy induced hypertension PIH).
when i got pregnant with Alivia, Jaz was 6 mths old, i was 150.
i went down to 155 after that.

then i got pregnant with Zoe, had a hard time gaining weight (they prescribed me carnation instant breakfast to drink EVERY MORNING). i had no complaints :)
after her (she's 3), i'm between 155 and 160
159 at the moment (yes i weighed myself just to make sure HAHA).

I need to remeasure my BMI and body fat.

I am very happy with where I am. :)
Now let's see about being more active.! :D

Today after dinner (which i should be making now).. i think we'll play simon says in the living room :D simon says DO JUMPING JACKS!

Go! Do it! Now! :D

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