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Saturday, August 27, 2011

my daughters bedtime problem

ok.. well.. first of all, she was HORRIBLE to potty train.. and i didn't know at the time that she had the same problem i did when i was little.

so, wednesday we (me and her) went to the dr and had a good talk with him.

what she has is Nocturnal Enuresis.

it's pretty much an immature bladder.. the same thing i had when i was little. so until it's mature enough to function properly on it's own, she will be peeing at night.. a little or a lot, that will differ.

they can't give medication until she's at least 6 years old, and even then, there's only 20% chance it will work

so yes, she will have to pee everything out before bed, she can only have up to 2oz of water at 7 pm. and i get her up to potty when i go to bed, too.

but with the rate of success for the medicine, it might not work anyway.

if she gets to 8 years old still wetting at night, then i'll try the medicine

brian asked me last night if i would consider disposable pullups for her for night time.. i cringed at the thought.

they don't work much better for her than cloth.. she's just a heavy wetter and a heavy sleeper.

we'll see.

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