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Thursday, November 3, 2011

as is life..

well.. even though i should have kept up with Zumba better than this.. i'm glad i've at least done SOMETHING with it.
i'm still pretty proud of the pant size i lost.

i have some of my "muffin" back
which goes to prove the question i had.. if you don't keep up with working out and eating right, it DOES have a reverse effect.

i feel like i'm starting from scratch.. but i'm gonna do it anyway..
38" hips
32" waist
21.5" thigh

166 lbs?! wait WHAT?! :(
i have been eating more candy lately..

i HAVE to get myself back into activities and healthier.
and there really IS NO excuse.. i just haven't been making good choices, healthy wise, lately.

it doesn't help having a husband who doesn't eat fruits or veggies, and my kids don't like veggies either.

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