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Monday, June 20, 2011

taking a different angle..

well.. i lost a pant size in a mth with zumba.. and now i'm not doing it very often..

and today just looked SO perfect outside for a walk.. so as soon as my husband was home from the studio (videographer), i put on some "exercise clothes" and went out for a walk . :) i jogged some of it, but mostly just speed walked.. it felt SO good. i haven't done that in like 6 years. literally. since we moved out of our first apartment.. which was just before i got preg with jaz.. so 6 years ago.

it took me roughly 20 minutes to walk/jog just over a mile.
is that good? lol

my weight right now 158
30" waist
37.5"" hips

i'm loving being outside by myself :) it reminded me of when i ran track.. ahh.. fresh air.. :)
i will definitely be doing that again!

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