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Friday, June 24, 2011

humph.. the weather, etc

well the last two days have been busy with our ever changing errands/schedules/weather.. so i haven't been able to go on my walk.. today i decided i was going to Zumba instead.

my two older girls, Jazmine and Alivia did it with me ;) lol. it was too funny trying to watch them while i was trying to not STEP on them, while i'm trying to concentrate AHAHA. but it was fun. :)

gotta keep trying to be more active! :)

oh.. and i have ICE WATER right now, instead of ice tea, or coffee (both of which would go right through me). need to make sure i always have a glass of water handy.. cause i get thirsty a lot..


on the business side of things.. i'm doing my elastic different in my diapers now! i'm encasing it, instead of stitching it down! so much easier.. and i LOVE it. :D

it feels nice to kind of "streamline" my store..

i am loving having my business finally REALLY coming together
i love my labeling system
i am loving the new elastic casing
i've gotten rid of a couple things over the past few months, and really am creating a "store"
i like it a lot

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