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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

to begin..

well, as the title suggests, i'm a work at home mom. i LOVE to sew.. so i use that and make things for other people. :) bunches of things.. cloth diapers, burp cloths, bibs, mama cloth, wetbags, blankets, breast pads, diaper covers, fleece pants and shorts and bloomers.. more than i can't think of right now.. lol.

and the other part of the title?! i'm just your regular everyday mom.

i have three little girls, Jazmine was born in '06, Alivia was born in '07, Zoe was born in '08. I had three under 3 for a mth.

i work at kohls in adrian part time, my husband doesn't have a job right now (though he's been looking for one for a LONG time, to no avail).. he's working as an unpaid intern in Video Production.

1. my kids are growing SO fast! i just went through their clothes last night, 'cause i noticed a few things were getting too short and too tight.. well my almost 20 mth old is now in 2t clothing, my 3 year old is halfway into size 4, and my 4.5 year old is halfway into size 5! so had to make some changes in their wardrobe.

it's weird, seeing things that your 4 yr old used to wear.. and now your "baby" is wearing them.. for the last time. made me get a little choked up.

2. our God is an AWESOME God. man, i cannot believe just over a year ago, we moved into this townhouse because our house was foreclosed on.. and like many Americans these days, we had to file bankruptcy.

Now, we have a FANTASTIC church.. I am part of an awesome praise team.. and my business is growing!

Now if He could just change this weather every now and then. ;)

I love my kids.. my husband, my job, my business.. God has been very good to us.
Money DOES NOT buy happiness..
God brings it to us.. in the form of family and fulfilling lifestyle.

We may not be "rich".. but really? We are SO rich!

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