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Saturday, August 7, 2010

my day

well.. started off.. i went to work at 8:30.. had a fastpaced day at work until 1:30 :)

mailed 3 packages today.. including my first tampon testers :D i'm excited to hear back from it!

when i got home.. pretty much played with the girls for a minute, let them watch a small movie, and they all knocked out for a nap.. me too :D

i actually got a nap today! YES!
very rare for a good nap for a Mom of 3 YOUNG girls :D

after that.. we had dinner.. they got blue moon ice cream so their tongues were blue. :) hehehe

we goofed around for a while after that.. i chased them around the living room and down the hallway growling.. then grabbed em and bounced em on my legs. :)

we did a fun bath, jazmine got to do the toothbrushes herself. :)
she's so proud of herself when she gets to do something all by herself. :)

they watched the Grinch before bed.. then i had a tad bit of a fight over who was going to sleep where, cause they've been sleeping together for the last couple nights.. but livy kept slapping jaz, trying to get to sleep. lol

and THEN when everyone was finally quiet, they start shooting fireworks from the college behind us, making my 20 mth old freak out and start screaming, then jazmine *4 yr old* comes running down the stairs.

so i grab them all.. let them watch out the window from the crib together while i jump in the shower for a quick wash down. :) YAY! two birds with one stone. :)

then they went to sleep pretty easily. :)

now i'm sitting in front of the TV watching Julie and Julia.. eating mint chocolate ice cream :)

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