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Monday, January 17, 2011

what a day

very random day.. lol.

my 2 year old and 3.5 year old are both sick
Zoe is teething, and Livy is hacking up a lung.. poor thing. just bought her Robitussin.

only got one dose in her before bed, but seems to be working already. this stupid "cough syrup" isn't working worth poo.

well.. i got in about 10 minutes worth of Zumba.. at least that helped me from feeling lazy.. though i did get 5 diapers made today.

well.. now i'm eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream.. does that cancel out my workout? HAHAHA

had a great time tonight with my fans/customers.. did a fun question game, gave away mama cloth and a discount code, and a $5 credit.

oh well.. i still feel good though.. so my day was fine ;)
and God is still amazing

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  1. how did I miss a fun question game!!! darn! and chocolate pb ice cream is AMAZING! just got my Schwanz order today, and Guess what was in it? chocolate pb swirl ice cream!! YUMO!